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Magnesium Supplement 60 Servings

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MgSport Magnesium, 60 Servings bottle.

Your key to cramps free and better life 

CLINICALLY TESTED – MgSport is the only magnesium supplement which is backed by a clinical study.
The study shows MgSport is absorbed three times more than magnesium citrate in the cellular level.
Each capsule contains 380 mg of elemental magnesium.

ENHANCED WITH VITAMINS – MgSport is the only magnesium supplement with
Vitamin B6, Vitamin E and Vitamin D for better absorption.

PURE FORMULA – MgSport comes in a veggie capsule. It’s gluten and diary free.
It is not buffered, easy to swallow, contains no artificial colors, no stearates.

THE MAGNESIUM MIRACLE – Magnesium is the miracle mineral!
It assists with recovery & cramps, energy production, bowel motions, sleep, bone formation,
relaxation, and many other processes in the body!

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